To create a club environment where Rotarians can meet, plan and reflect on Rotary programmes and projects and have fellowship and fun. Club services will continue the successful programmes of past years and introduce new programmes to meet the needs of members.



  • Ensuring venue for club meetings maintains consistent standard.
  • Continuing an efficient meeting room organisation and catering liaison.


  • Preparing and issuing rosters in advance for members to participate in regular Club meetings.
  • Maintaining a varied mix of business and social activities throughout the year.
  • Encouraging fellowship to boost club morale through active engagement of all members.
  • Arranging Club guest speakers for regular Club meetings (John Giles).
  • Reserving one meeting per month for ‘club business’ – Committee meetings and Committee reports, and encourage all members to contribute.
  • Setting aside meetings, in coordination with Board planning, for alternative programs and special events.
  • Arranging Partners’ nights on a regular basis as agreed with the Board.


  • Ensuring continuance of the Club’s successful programs.
    • Liaising with the training officer for members to learn new skills and gain expertise in new fields.
    • Expand member’s knowledge of Rotary and Rotary programs (Colin Jenkins).
    • Maintain efficient registration process and reporting monthly attendance figures to District, Membership Chairman and Board meetings.
    • Preparing a report to be forwarded to all Board members for presentation at the Board Meetings of the Club.
    • Maintaining and updating the club website
    • Arranging and appointing a sub-committee of members who will assist in carrying out the programs and events relating to Club Services.
    • Contributing items of interest to the Roundup.