Gizo, Solomon Islands

The Rotary Club of Ashgrove – The Gap continues to support various Education and Health Projects throughout the Western Province of the Solomon Islands.

Our involvement includes:

  • Providing Volunteer people to ‘Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd.’ approved projects; working with local people in a hands-on and in a supervisory capacity.
  • Joining with Rotarians from other clubs viz. From Queensland Sunshine Coast and others in order to expedite the work.
  • Coordinating the effort through Gizo (Solomon Is.) Rotary Club; and with the Government Health and Education Depts.
  • Providing funds for the purchase of materials and supplies on site; with financial management through Gizo Rotary Club.

Work over recent years and continuing includes:

  • Construction of school buildings.
  • The building of a new Medical Aid Station.
  • Maintenance of school buildings – eg at Gizo Community School.
  • The provision and installation of water tanks for clean drinking water at schools.
  • The manufacture (locally) and supply of new school desks.
  • Implementing a specialised literacy / reading teacher training project; followed up with a mentoring program.